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The Elves


Appears in:

1|1|1 Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All
1|2|5 Rivendell
1|2|6 The Sword That Was Broken
1|2|7 The Council of Elrond Assembles
1|3|9 The Road Goes Ever On... Pt. 2
2|2|7 One of the Dúnedain
2|2|12 The Story Foretold
2|3|14 "Long Ways to Go Yet"
3|1|12 The Grace of Undómiel
[03:34-03:48] From the Annotated Score: "The Rivendell theme begins in earnest, swelling and rolling as in the theme's prime. The shards of Narsil are brought before Elvish metalsmiths. They will be reforged and returned to the World of Men."
3|2|7 Andúril - Flame of the West
[00:17-00:38] AS-ROTK: Aragorn enters Théoden’s tent where the mysterious hooded rider awaits him. Tense low brass chords reveal Aragorn’s apprehension. The figure stands and removes his hood. It is Lord Elrond, come at Arwen’s behest. Aragorn bows his head and the orchestra warms with rich harmonies as French horn sounds Rivendell’s theme.