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The One Ring

The Seduction of the Ring

Appears in:

1|1|7 Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe
1|1|9 Three is Company
1|2|10 The Pass of Caradhras
[01:49-02:06] For the first time with words. From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "I used the sound of the boys also around the sound of the Ring, of the seduction of the Ring. Part of the seduction of it, I thought, was the regaining of lost life. And I thought the boys were such a great sound of that, of the seduction of it."
1|3|5 Parth Galen
2|2|13 Sons of the Steward
[01:36-01:44] From the Annotated Score: "Celli and basses, first in A♭ (A flat) minor then G minor, peruse the first five notes of the Seduction of the Ring theme. Boromir tried to take the Ring. Does Faramir share his weakness?"
2|2|15 Faramir's Good Council
2|3|14 "Long Ways to Go Yet"
3|1|1 Roots and Beginnings
[02:53-03:24] From the Annotated Score: "The Seduction of the Ring sounds in the boys chorus as Déagol peels his fingers back, exposing the powerful ornament. Close behind, Sméagol, Déagol's fishing companion, spots the glinting Ring. If Déagol is intrigued, Sméagol is bewitched. The transfixing Seduction theme continues as Sméagol leans in close and demands, 'Give us that, Déagol, my love.'"
[03:44-04:13] Magpie notes: "This repeating line sounds similar to the Seduction theme, as if the orchestra is trying to get it out and it can't quite form or find it."
[04:13-04:36] From the Annotated Score: "Unrelenting, Sméagol's attack is met with a chilling musical counterpart—an intersection of the Seduction and Evil themes for the One Ring. This is to be an overriding trend in Howard Shore's score to The Return of the King. The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers illustrated, through the hobbits' eyes, the ever-expanding scope of Middle-earth, and the limitless extent to which the One Ring had affected it. But here, as the story draws towards its conclusion, that scope, the breadth of storytelling, has come to singularly focus upon the plight of the One Ring. Shore's diverse thematic catalogue begins to fold inwards, combining material as it reaches a common terminus."
3|4|1 Mount Doom