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The World of Men: Gondor

Minas Tirith (Silver Trumpets)

Appears in:

1|3|3 The Mirror of Galadriel
[00:00-01:04] From Doug Adams' "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films: Part 1, The Fellowship of the Ring": "As Aragorn and Boromir rest in Lothlorien and discuss the future of Gondor ("My father is a noble man..."), here Shore plays the Minas Tirith (Silver Trumpets) theme, a beautiful line that represents everything that mankind can be, should it choose the nobler path."
3|1|12 The Grace of Undómiel
[03:48-04:12] From the Annotated Score: "Shore's Minas Tirith theme is rhythmically compressed, as if it too is born anew and yet to stretch its limbs."
[05:40-06:01] From the Annotated Score: "At the summit, Gandalf and Pippin find a wilted tree, the same tree from Pippin's palantír vision. As Gandalf explains the significance of the White Tree of Gondor, Shore returns to a mournful, recollective setting of the Minas Tirith theme, now all the sadder compared to the rousing version heard back in Rivendell. [This is a mistake on Adams' part: the 'rousing theme' he describes is the Gondor theme, not the Minas Tirith theme - which is heard in Lothlorien, not in Rivendell. - MZ] Gondor, whatever its potential, is as weak as the steward who currently oversees the throne. Like distant war, drums rumble under a thin string cluster, and Gandalf and Pippin head into the throne room to meet with Denethor, the Steward of Gondor."
3|1|13 The Eyes of the White Tower
3|2|7 Andúril - Flame of the West