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Isengard and the Orcs

Isengard/Orc Theme

Appears in:

1|2|2 The Caverns of Isengard
1|2|10 The Pass of Caradhras
1|3|4 The Fighting Uruk-Hai
1|3|5 Parth Galen
2|1|5 Uglúk's Warriors
2|1|6 The Three Hunters
2|1|7 The Banishment of Éomer
2|1|8 Night Camp
2|2|2 The Court of Meduseld
[02:30-02:33] From the AS-TTT: "Chorus continues with “The King,” and Gandalf attempts to rescind Saruman’s influence. Above this, a brass line enunciates the score’s down and-back-up shape twice, first as Isengard’s half-step, then as the Fellowship’s (and Gandalf the White’s) whole-step, in a battle for Théoden’s soul."
Magpie notes: I believe this references the section from 2:30-2:37. I also believe the Isengard's half step is heard at 2:30. (Followed by the Fellowship's whole step at 2:33.) I'm not entirely sure about this, though.
2|2|8 The Wolves of Isengard
2|2|10 The Voice of Saruman
2|3|5 The Battle of the Hornburg
2|3|8 Retreat
3|1|4 The Foot of Orthanc
[00:00-00:17] From the Annotated Score: "Saruman emerges to hurl taunts at Théoden and the Fellowship. The Isengard theme, which was once imbued with an overpowering militaristic weight, appears beneath string harmonics, now whisper-soft, but still in the darkest registers of the London Philharmonic's low woodwinds. A subtle pulsing in the strings adds a sense of urgency to the proceedings."
[01:50-02:04] From the Annotated Score: "With the conversation's power shifting to Saruman, brass again state the Isengard theme, now more robustly."