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The One Ring / Mordor

The Evil of the Ring (Sauron/Mordor)

Appears in:

1|1|1 Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All
1|1|7 Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe
1|2|8 The Great Eye
1|3|3 The Mirror of Galadriel
2|1|6 The Three Hunters
2|1|15 The Heir of Númenor
3|1|1 Roots and Beginnings
3|1|10 The Palantír
[00:35-00:51] From the Annotated Score: "As Pippin pulls the orb from Gandalf's hand, a new Ring theme coupling begins. In a streamlined four-note phrase Shore introduces a line that lies somewhere between the Ring's Evil and History themes, yet at the same time suggests the shape of Evil Times. Does the theme suggest that the Ring's yet-unwritten history will inevitably bring it to evil purpose? Is it simply a musical warning, highlighting the imperative nature of the heroes' quest? A threat lobbed from Mordor?"
[01:06-01:28] From the Annotated Score: "Pippin's vision in the palantír overwhelms his senses, and exposes him to the Enemy. The Evil of the Ring plays out in its traditional guise, creating a semi-canon by allowing the rhaita to enter just after the orchestral winds."
[02:29-02:41] From the Annotated Score: "Gandalf shakes Pippin, waking him, and demands to know what he has seen. A haze of low and high clusters shroud Pippin's vision in mystery, but one line rises horrifyingly to the surface. The History/Evil hybrid, now in a more developed six-note guise, again plays as Pippin describes his vision of the White Tree of Gondor engulfed in flame."
3|1|13 The Eyes of the White Tower
[03:51-04:01] From the Annotated Score: "Shore reaches over the new Threat theme and deposits his inky History/Evil hybrid, this time emphasizing the Evil.
3|1|14 A Coronal of Silver and Gold
[03:40-03:54] From The Annotated Score: "But when Gandalf tells Pippin of the coming of the Witch-king of Angmar, and the orchestra sinks back into its sonic depths, the six-note Evil/History of the Ring theme sounding in the brass."
3|2|5 The Parting of Sam and Frodo
[01:16-01:21] AS-ROTK: Gollum tells his lie, revealing that Sam’s cloak is littered with crumbs. With a brassy turn, the Evil of the Ring (the will of which Gollum has just acted upon) sounds in a four-note reduction.
[03:54-04:01] AS-ROTK: Frodo and Gollum climb higher and higher and Dangerous Passes arcs before them, the cruel glow of Sauron’s lair still looming on the horizon. IN THE MAKING: The very end of this composition, which features Dangerous Passes and the Mordor theme, does not appear in the film. The shots for which it was composed were cut from the film.
3|4|1 Mount Doom
[00:50-01:21] The "Meta Ring Theme".