The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Ring Quest: The Journey There

Appears in:

1|1|9 Three is Company
1|3|3 The Mirror of Galadriel
1|3|4 The Fighting Uruk-Hai
[06:33-06:46] It sounds a lot like The Journey There, although it's played much faster than is heard previously. Can anyone confim?
3|1|3 The Road to Isengard
[00:05-00:36] From the Annotated Score: "Sam tells Frodo he's rationed their food to properly provide for the journey home. Frodo pauses, pondering the likelihood of a return trip. But the strains of the fully-formed Journey There remind us that the hobbits have not yet even reached their destination. With this slow-rising theme, the trio sets back to the road."