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The Shire and the Hobbits

The Shire (Rural Setting)

Appears in:

1|1|2 The Shire
1|1|3 Bag End
[01:10-01:45] magpie: I don't think the music heard from 1:29-1:45 is the Rural Setting. I think it's a Pensive Setting of the 'chorus' of the Shire Theme.
[03:16-03:23] Not the exact melody noted in the CR Liner Notes but I suspect it's either an expansion of that melody or a variant of it.
1|1|12 A Shortcut to Mushrooms
[00:08-00:11] The section noted has a direct quote of the Shire Rural Setting melody. The section following, up to 00:40, uses a lot of elements from the Rural Settings' melody as well as various Hobbit Accompaniments.