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Gollum's Menace (Gollum's Theme)

Appears in:

2|1|3 Lost in Emyn Muil
[02:12-02:45] From the Annotated Score: "No longer a passive character, [Gollum] is represented by the new Gollum's Menace (Gollum's Theme) and the jittery tones of the cimbalom."
2|2|6 The Forests of Ithilien
[02:15-02:55] From the Annotated Score: "Needy Sméagol has cast nasty Gollum aside, and is busy at work pleasing his master. The contrabass clarinet, supported from below by pizzicato bass, plays an irreparably damaged variation on the chipper Hobbit Outline figure, the highest pitch swinging downwards on its rotting hinge. Over this, Sméagol has repurposed the cimbalom from Gollum's Menace, wrenching it into a servile, toothless grin. Contrabassoon enters the mix, deepening the composition's timbre just before Sam cuts short Sméagol's moment of giddy triumph. "It is a strange little thing," Shore says with a smile, "almost comedic.""
2|2|14 Rock and Pool
[00:32-00:42] From the Annotated Score: "Strings, flutes and clarinets trill into a swirl of tonalities before peeling back to reveal an old acquaintance: the cimbalom, jittering and twitching on a single exposed pitch. "It's just a little bit of the sound of it, but it doesn't play the Gollum's Menace melody," Shore explains."
2|3|13 The Tales That Really Matter
[10:50-11:15] From the Annotated Score: But the third member of their party bears no such warm feelings for his compatriots. Gollum, alone, skulks along the underbrush, trailed by a high dissonant violin line and the low grunt of contrabassoon and basses on Gollum's Menace. "There is a little of the Gollum theme, and a little of Sméagol in here," Shore explains."
3|1|8 Gollum's Villainy
[00:00-00:28] From the Annotated Score: "As Frodo and Sam sleep en route to the Cross-roads, Gollum and Sméagol hold their final internal dialogue. Shore's Menace theme begins this composition...
3|2|5 The Parting of Sam and Frodo
[00:00-00:31] AS-ROTK: The agitated quiver of Gollum’s Menace traipses across the cimbalom’s stings as the Ring’s former owner tosses the hobbits’ remaining lembas bread over the mountain’s edge, framing Sam as an unchecked glutton.