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Sméagol/Gollum / Songs

Gollum's Song

Appears in:

2|3|13 The Tales That Really Matter
2|3|14 "Long Ways to Go Yet"
[00:00-03:53] From the Annotated Score: Gollum leads Frodo and Sam on as the orchestra picks up a series of fluid minor harmonies, pulling the stylistic tendencies of The Pity of Gollum down inky new avenues. "The writing seems solid, but it's always a little unstable. It's a searching piece," Shore describes. As at the end of Fellowship, boys choir begins humming a wordless melody line. The frame pauses on the distant fires of Mount Doom. Shore watches carefully. "We'll be there soon." The boys draw back, handing the melody to Emiliana Torrini, who will sing "Gollum's Song," which marks an important turn for the character. It highlights the point at which Sméagol begins to adopt Gollum's views. As Sméagol abandons his obeisant nature, this theme will all but disappear, leaving Frodo and Sam at the mercy of Gollum's Menace."
From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "The ending piece, we wanted something to balance May It Be for Two Towers and we focused on Gollum because we felt Gollum was probably the most kind of central character, in a way new character, in Two Towers. And a lot of the story was revolving around Frodo's relationship to Gollum and Sam and the Ring. It was very central to the story. So it felt natural to create the piece of Two Towers, as a balance to the first film, around Gollum. And Fran Walsh wrote these wonderful set of lyrics that I set to music. And so we worked with the singer, Emiliana Torrini to create the sound of Gollum's Song. Emiliana is Icelandic and for the theme of Two Towers, of incorporating the Rohan theme, the Rohan culture which is a central theme of Two Towers, and Gollum being the other central character of Two Towers... to use that Nordic or Icelandic voice seemed very appropriate to the film."