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Éowyn and Aragorn

Appears in:

2|2|7 One of the Dúnedain
[01:53-01:57] From the Annotated Score: "Solo clarinet enters and a new theme appears to be forming. A descending F-major arpeggio at 1:53 gives just the slightest hint of the Éowyn and Aragorn theme, still in a state of faint self-realization."
2|3|3 "Where is the Horse and the Rider?"
3|1|6 The Chalice Passed
[00:00-00:27] From the Annotated Score: "Éowyn presents Aragorn with a drink, honoring him for his service to her people, and indicating her own feeling towards him. While Aragorn remains silent, Shore's music presents the longing Éowyn and Aragorn theme, the melody associated with her unrequited love. Though Éowyn's expression indicates that she believes Aragorn shares her romantic inclinations, the music informs us otherwise."
3|1|9 Éowyn's Dream
[00:26-01:25] The celebration at Edoras has subsided. Most of the revelers having long since bedded down, Aragorn wanders alone, pausing to stoke the dying fire in the Golden Hall. Nearby, Éowyn stirs, waking from a dream. As she tells Aragorn of her dream, in which she saw herself alone, thrust into an utterly dark abyss, a lush setting of the Éowyn and Aragorn theme plays. Aragorn comforts her, telling her to return to sleep, and the second phrase, the section of the theme that was cut short during the party, finally completes the melody.