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The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship in Rohan

Appears in:

2|1|9 The Plains of Rohan
[00:56-01:20] from the AS-TTT: "...the horsemen encircle the Three Hunters. Gimli, feeling no need to temper his Dwarvish charm, immediately proceeds to insult Éomer. Though it’s a somewhat less than auspicious start, herein lies the first interactions between the Fellowship and the Rohirrim, and so Shore introduces, in embryonic form, The Fellowship in Rohan, the figure that will represent the Fellowship’s presence in the Horselords’ lands."
This section, 0:56-1:20, covers this initial contact between the Fellowship and the Rohirrim. (From the moment when Legolas whips out his bow until Éomer says, "Théoden no longer recognizes friend from foe... not even his own kin.") I don't know what part of this section is the 'embryonic form'.
2|2|1 Edoras
[02:17-02:32] Magpie disagrees with this entry: I don't think this is the F-in-Rohan. 1st: Doug Adams makes no mention of this theme in the AS-TTT in regards to this track. He says, "Solo oboe lifts up a delicate, crystalline line as Éowyn pauses, caught in Gríma’s gaze." 2nd: DA lists a latter track as containing the first use of F-in-Rohan. 3rd: This scene involves Grima and Eowyn and has nothing to do with the Fellowship. 4th: the rhythm is different... similar but different.
2|2|7 One of the Dúnedain
[02:04-02:12] From the AS-TTT: "Oboe enters, presenting the next step in the developing Fellowship in Rohan motif, but immediately following is a familiar line in solo French horn, The Realm of Gondor."
The last oboe note of the Fellowship in Rohan is held until 2:12, but the melody after 2:09 is the Gondor Theme.
2|3|6 The Breach of the Deeping Wall