The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Fellowship of the Ring

The White Rider (In the Fellowship)

Appears in:

2|1|13 Gandalf the White
2|2|1 Edoras
[00:59-01:18] from AS-TTT: "As the (four-member Fellowship) nears Meduseld, a rising variant on The White Rider (In the Fellowship) begins—dour, bedecked in the most downtrodden of Rohan’s harmonies, yet directed nonetheless. But the theme is cut short and unresolved. Inside, Éowyn finds that her cousin, Théodred, has died in the night."
2|2|4 The King's Decision
2|3|12 Théoden Rides Forth
3|1|11 Flight from Edoras
[01:12-01:28] From the Annotated Score: "Shadowfax launches out of the stables and, with a propulsive compound-meter setting of Gandalf the White (in the Fellowship), wizard and hobbit are off."