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The Elves / Songs


Appears in:

2|2|7 One of the Dúnedain
[02:34-03:06] From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "The flashbacks to Rivendell are now performed by the soprano, Isabel Bayrakdarian. It's a development really, of the music from Rivendell. Cause Rivendell, from Fellowship, was really the beginning of that relationship and you see that scene on the bridge and you see Arwen and Aragorn. Now this is a much different scene in Two Towers. This is Aragorn having to leave her and going to war and the decision to do that. And it's a much more painful parting, in a way. And her father, Elrond, telling Aragorn he can't make her stay for him. Aragorn should let Arwen go because she will die if she stays. It's a much more tragic scene. And that music was created around Isabel Bayrakdarian and so the singers were based on the pieces that I was writing. And I wrote the pieces very specifically for their voices."
[06:29-07:11] From the Annotated Score: "With a final sigh of the alto flute the Evenstar and Diminishment themes are intertwined, shrouding the future in uncertainty. Will Arwen and Aragorn accept theirs as a love inevitably doomed to recede, or will they proceed down a path of uncertainty, sustained by their enduring affection?"
2|2|12 The Story Foretold
[00:49-01:13] From the Annotated Score: "Prompted by her father, Arwen decides to forsake her love for Aragorn and depart Middle-earth with the rest of her kind. After a single rhapsodic statement of the (Rivendell Theme) line it evolves into a sadder, more linearly expressive shape that draws the stylistic tendencies of the "Evenstar" and "The Grace of the Valar" music closer to Rivendell."
2|3|14 "Long Ways to Go Yet"
[05:03-05:27] Restatement of music heard in The Story Foretold, 0:49-1:13.
[05:27-05:58] Restatement of the first phrase of One of the Dúnedain, 2:34-3:06 with choral line only, no solo part.
3|1|12 The Grace of Undómiel
[00:00-01:46] From the Annotated Score: "The beautiful voice of Renée Fleming introduces Shore's new maturation of the Evenstar theme, the melody that once spoke to the gulf between the two lovers now come to represent the distance between disparate futures. Strings absorb the Evenstar melody, weaving beneath it the Rivendell Arpeggios."
[02:49-03:34] Magpie notes: "Time stamps reflect the section with Renee's singing. I don't know if we can say that entire section is Evenstar... it's certainly influenced by it but, again, it's not a strong example of the melody."