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The Shire and the Hobbits

Merry the Warrior

Appears in:

3|2|6 Marshalling at Dunharrow
[03:01-03:18] AS-ROTK: Out of the violas and celli flows a darker melodic shape, a line that seems at once informed by the B phrase of the Fellowship theme, the Rohan Fanfare’s minor mode and the canorous linearity of the Shire theme. This is Merry the Warrior. Hobbits may lack a physical aptitude for battle but, perhaps better than most, they understand its responsibilities and sadness. Éomer chuckles at the sight of Merry, doubting his abilities. But Éowyn knows that her brother doubts her as well, and protests, creating her own tie to Merry’s warrior theme.
3|2|14 Merry's Simple Courage
[00:25-01:25] magpie: this is not a direct quote of the theme... some parts are more like the theme than others. But I think this whole section is related to the theme.