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The World of Men: Gondor

Faramir and Denethor

Appears in:

3|2|3 Allegiance to Denethor
[02:21-02:45] concluding phrase 2:38 - 2:45
3|2|4 The Sacrifice of Faramir
[00:17-01:21] Although this is not specifically listed in the AS-ROTK as an iteration of the Faramir and Denethor theme, the notation shown in the CR-ROTK liner notes under the discussion of this theme references this scene's music.
3|2|12 The Siege of Gondor
[00:00-00:22] Although this is not directly identified in the AS-ROTK as a version of Faramir and Denethor's theme, it is mentioned in the paragraph discussing that theme in the CR-ROTK liner notes.