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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 1, track 1:

Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All

[00:05-00:28] Lothlórien *
The first theme heard in the film; connected to Galadriel, who narrates the opening sequence.
[00:40-01:24] The History of the Ring
The wistful theme heard over the opening "The Lord of the Rings" title.
[01:24-01:55] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment
Starts off with a slow statement of the theme, then begins building to a crescendo.
[01:59-02:12] Mordor Descending Third

[01:59-02:12] The Ringwraiths

[02:12-02:17] The Evil of the Ring (Sauron/Mordor)

[02:18-03:11] The Ringwraiths

[03:01-03:10] The Threat of Mordor accompaniment

[03:11-03:21] The Fall of Men
Heard when Sauron fells Elendil.
[03:22-03:52] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment

[03:22-03:53] The Fellowship of the Ring
This is the "fleeting shape of the Fellowship Theme" mentioned in Doug Adams' Annotated Score, as Isildur cuts the Ring from Sauron's finger. Confirmed by Mr. Adams himself.
[03:22-03:53] The Heroics of Aragorn

[04:05-04:18] The History of the Ring

[04:18-04:26] Rivendell

[04:55-05:28] The History of the Ring
The History of the Ring continues as Isildur meets his end, and the Ring settles on the bottom of the Anduin.
[05:51-06:08] The Pity of Gollum (Sméagol's Theme) *
Fades perfectly into the Nameless Fear theme.
[06:09-06:39] All Shall Come to Darkness: The Nameless Fear
The start time is confirmed on page 35 of the Two Towers Complete Recordings liner notes.
[06:39-07:16] The History of the Ring

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