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The Return of the King, disc 2, track 3:

Allegiance to Denethor

[02:21-02:45] Faramir and Denethor
concluding phrase 2:38 - 2:45
[02:21-02:45] The Realm of Gondor (in Ascension) *
AS-ROTK: Faramir finally asks the question that gnaws at his mind, “You wish now that our places had been exchanged, that I had died and Boromir lived.” Denethor answers, “Yes. I wish that.” Pan flute, performed by Ulrich Herkenhoff, initiates a sad melody that seems to seek the Gondor theme’s Ascension ending, but can never grasp it. But, at the same time, the Faramir and Denethor theme carries the upsetting reverberations of Mordor’s bid at a Fourth Age theme, The Witch King/The Orcs of Mordor. Will Denethor’s failures as a father and a leader cause Gondor’s downfall while seeking its victory? Is he paving the way for Mordor’s victory?

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