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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 1, track 11:

Saruman the White

[00:00-00:07] The Shire (Pensive Setting)

[00:12-00:30] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment

[00:12-00:31] The Fellowship of the Ring
A dark version of the theme, since, according to the Annotated Score, Gandalf knows there's "serious business ahead" in Isengard.
[00:31-00:39] The Threat of Mordor accompaniment
The Threat of Mordor motive finishes the Fellowship theme forebodingly as Gandalf goes to meet Saruman.
[01:00-01:15] The Threat of Mordor accompaniment
A partial statement of the opening notes, repeated.
[01:39-01:48] The Threat of Mordor accompaniment

[03:45-04:07] The Mordor Outline Figure accompaniment
Timpani sound the beat of the Mordor Outline Figure as the chorus sings the Black Speech Ring-Verse. (The chorus actually begins at 3:23, with the Mordor Outline coming in halfway through at 3:45.)

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