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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 2, track 3:

Give Up the Halfling

[00:00-00:40] Arwen

[01:47-02:18] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment
This fast version of the Skip Beat has an up and down movement to the notes.
[02:18-02:48] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment
From The Complete Recordings liner notes: "The Skip Beat also has a variation used in the film's most intense and nerve-wracking moments. This heartbeat-like figure captures the shape of the Skip Beat, but limits it to two pulsing pitches." These notes come as slower punches.
[02:48-03:19] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment
A faster version of the skip beat is again heard here beneath the Ringwraith music, this time louder and gradually raising in pitch.
[02:48-03:27] The Ringwraiths

[03:58-04:32] Arwen

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