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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 2, track 8:

The Great Eye

[00:00-01:29] The Realm of Gondor (in Decline)

[01:29-01:36] The Threat of Mordor accompaniment

[01:37-02:03] The Ringwraiths
One of the rare, non-vocal renditions of this theme.
[02:54-03:10] The Evil of the Ring (Sauron/Mordor)

[02:54-03:20] Mordor Descending Third

[03:04-03:19] The Ringwraiths

[03:52-04:19] The Fellowship of the Ring

[04:39-05:02] The Shire (Pensive Setting)

[05:02-05:31] The Fellowship of the Ring
From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "Well, the Council of Elrond is the Fellowship being formed to support Frodo to take the Ring to the Crack of Doom. And it's a very magic moment in the film and Elrond says: "You will now be the Fellowship of the Ring." And the music just swells and you just hear that fully formed version of the Fellowship theme. You've heard all these little fragments of it up till that point and it's the first time you just hear it in its glory."

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