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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 2, track 9:

Gilraen's Memorial

[00:00-01:08] The Diminishment of the Elves ("Gilraen's Song")
It's unclear where the theme ends and the song takes over. I guess we'll know in a very short while :)
[00:00-01:08] Gilraen's Song

[02:40-03:04] The Fellowship of the Ring

[03:51-04:17] The Shire (Hymn Setting)
magpie comments: This is the heroic version of the Shire heard as the Fellowship sets out (immediately followed by the heroic Fellowship). DA says this about the Hymn Setting: " In the Pensive and Rural Settings harmonic regions exist for extended periods of time, almost an old world modal style. But the Hymn Setting regularly shifts them on every other beat for a rolling chorale effect evocative of tradition Western religious music." (from the CR-FOTR liner notes) This iteration (which was labeled 'Hymn' by someone else) does not have 'rolling chords' and (fwiw) I do not view it as a Hymn Setting. It certainly doesn't *sound* hymn like.
[04:17-05:02] The Fellowship of the Ring
From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "As the Fellowship leaves Rivendell and they cross the pass and you see each one of them in silhouette against the sky, the [Fellowship] theme is again played in a really heroic version as they set out on their great mission."

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