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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 2, track 14:

Balin's Tomb

[00:00-01:14] Dwarrowdelf
Gandalf leads the Fellowship into Dwarrowdelf, and Shore's music expresses the sad beauty of the fallen city. "We called it faded glory, or ruined grandeur. I wrote it based on the Alan Lee drawings."
[01:27-01:43] Dwarrowdelf
Shore: "Later, when Gimli is in front of the crypt you hear a bit of the Dwarrowdelf theme again, because he's mourning the loss of Balin. And you'll hear it once more in Moria."
[04:08-??:??] The Cave Troll

[05:55-06:05] Dwarrowdelf
After the orchestra reels with a series of musical hammer strokes representing the Cave Troll's deliberate tantrum, the score pauses for a heartbreaking moment of introspection. Frodo is presumed dead at the hands of the troll, a pathetic creature who threatened the Fellowship out of fear and confusion. With a sorrowful jolt, the members of the company realize that their quest will not be victimless. "You hear the Dwarrowdelf theme again when the hobbits are on top of the troll trying to bring it down," Shore explains. "It's been chained up by the Orcs and it's angry. It doesn't want to hurt anybody, but they won't feed it unless it does. You feel sorry for the cave troll."
[07:27-07:44] The Fellowship of the Ring

[07:44-08:30] The Heroics of Aragorn

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