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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 3, track 1:


[01:28-01:38] Moria
The Balrog roars and Gandalf looks turns to look behind him. Legolas, who has just jumped a gap in a bridge, calls to him. Gandalf leaps.
[01:46-02:04] Moria
Legolas shoots an arrow and the camera follows it till it hits an Orc in the forehead. The orc falls. Boromir leaps the gap in the bridge with Merry and Pippin. Legolas shoots again.
[02:06-02:18] The Dark Places of the World

[02:18-02:36] Moria
The gap in the bridge crumbles more leaving Aragorn and Frodo stranded on the wrong side. The approaching Balrog roars again.
[02:41-03:16] Moria
A large boulder falls behind Aragorn and Frodo, isolating them on a teetering section of the bridge. Aragorn steadies Frodo, then, leaning forward, the two tip the section towards the rest of the Fellowship waiting on the far side of the bridge. This iteration has the Moria voices chanting to the Moria Theme rising motif.
From the Annotated Score: "The rising fifths of the Moria theme are further explored, spiked with syncopated rhythms unique to this sequence. "I was careful with that in the writing," Shore remembers. "There are a just couple of times where I used that." Throughout the score Peter Jackson and Howard Shore sought to maintain a primal sound to the music, so anything that smacked of a contemporary sound (including an over-reliance on syncopated rhythms) was strictly avoided. The tension in Moria is never built through flashy rhythmic figures, but through layers of sound - a kind of rigorously structured chaos that licks at the Fellowships' heels."
[03:16-03:33] The Fellowship of the Ring
From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "Khazad-dûm was basically built around the Fellowship theme. There’s the struggle of the battle going on and then the final leap across the stairs and then as Frodo’s thrown over by Strider and they’re all on the other side, you hear the Fellowship theme... the very last time you hear that very heroic version of the theme because it’s the most glorious moment, really, for the Fellowship."
[04:09-04:21] Moria
We get an overhead view of the Fellowship running along a narrow bridge.
[04:45-05:08] Moria
The Balrog strikes at Gandalf who has a bubble of protection around him. Aragorn and Frodo watch in horror. The Balrog roars at Gandalf.
[05:48-06:57] Gandalf's Farewells

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