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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 3, track 2:

Caras Galadhon

Featuring "Lament for Gandalf" performed by Elizabeth Fraser

[00:00-00:46] Lothlórien *

[01:57-02:32] Lothlórien

[03:11-03:22] Lothlórien

[03:35-04:47] Galadriel's Song

[07:21-09:21] Lament for Gandalf
From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "I wanted the score to have a feeling of a cast and certain people were cast for certain scenes. Elizabeth Fraser has such a wonderful voice and Fran suggested her and I thought she would be a wonderful singer for Gandalf's Lament. Gandalf's Lament is a song that the Elves sing and you wanted that to feel as if that was being sung in Lothlórien. You wanted to feel that was real and that the Elves were singing this piece. And it's in a two part counterpoint, Gandalf's Lament. It's the choir, it's somewhat of a call and answer type of form. And then there were instrumental soloists of the ney flutes, the African flutes, and the rhaita, and there was an Indian instrument called a sarangi, which was a solo instrument used in Lothlórien."

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