The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 3, track 3:

The Mirror of Galadriel

[00:00-01:04] Minas Tirith (Silver Trumpets)
From Doug Adams' "The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films: Part 1, The Fellowship of the Ring": "As Aragorn and Boromir rest in Lothlorien and discuss the future of Gondor ("My father is a noble man..."), here Shore plays the Minas Tirith (Silver Trumpets) theme, a beautiful line that represents everything that mankind can be, should it choose the nobler path."
[01:07-02:16] Lothlórien

[03:23-03:35] The Evil of the Ring (Sauron/Mordor)

[05:34-06:21] The Ring Quest: The Journey There

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