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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 3, track 5:

Parth Galen

[00:28-01:12] The History of the Ring

[01:42-02:23] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment

[02:29-02:37] The Fall of Men

[02:54-03:06] The Fall of Men
Sounds like an inverted version of this motive. Any thoughts?
[03:06-03:24] The History of the Ring

[03:25-03:43] Mordor Descending Third

[03:25-03:46] The Ringwraiths *
AS-TTT: Originally the second appearance of the Fall of Men motive continued to develop, leading to a short but brutal quote of the Ringwraith music, played when Frodo dons the Ring and experiences a nightmarish vision of Barad-dr. In the film the music is dissolved shortly after the four pitches of the Fall of Men.
[04:06-04:41] The Seduction of the Ring

[04:48-05:55] The Heroics of Aragorn

[05:11-09:11] Isengard Five Beat Pattern
The Beat starts very subtly on piano underneath The Heroics of Aragorn and, accompanied by heavy percussion, never really stops until the very end of the track.
[07:00-07:16] The Heroics of Aragorn

[07:31-07:53] The Heroics of Aragorn

[07:59-08:31] Isengard/Orc Theme

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