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The Two Towers, disc 1, track 1:


[00:00-00:32] Moria
Magpie writes: "One of the first things I thought when I listened to the Doors of Durin music is, This is the opening music from The Two Towers. Specifically, the rising phrase heard over the company credits (New Line and Wingnut) and the soaring shots of the Misty Mountains. Doug Adams does not identify this music as the Moria Theme. Here's what he says about the opening music:
The Two Towers opens with horns and strings delicately ascending, until the London Philharmonic Orchestra comes to rest in familiar territory. Howard Shore's History of the Ring theme parts the curtains with a cold, bi-tonal setting of the figure that sets the A minor melody over an F minor harmony, and nestles us back into J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth.
But before the plot can move ahead, it must remind us from where we have come. And so we plummet back into Moria, back to the Fellowship's darkest hour as, having just crossed the Bridge of Khazad-dm, they wait breathlessly for Gandalf the Grey to ward off the fiery Balrog.
Doug seems to gloss over the music between the History of the Ring and the interior Moria shots. He, in fact, identifies the first instance of the Moria Theme as being heard during the fall of the Maiar. But, the earlier music sounds to me as being the same steps up (although there are some differences in how many notes step up and there's a variation in there). Perhaps to the trained ear there are some glaring inconsistencies that would exclude this music from being iterations of the Moria Theme. DA may have had reasons for wanting to identify the louder, battle-tinged Moria Theme for readers."
[00:32-00:49] The History of the Ring

[00:50-01:23] Moria
Magpie writes: "This part reminds me a lot of the Moria Theme, especially as heard when the Doors of Durin open. Doug Adams does not identify them as the Moria Theme in the Annotated Score."
[02:46-02:59] Moria
Chorus erupts with Philippa Boyens' text "The Abyss," while the rising colonnades of the Moria theme ...
[02:59-03:06] The Dark Places of the World
... and the stinging brass pyramids of The Dark Places of the World ...
[03:08-03:32] Moria
... battle for dominance.

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