The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Two Towers, disc 1, track 10:


[01:31-01:47] The Ents
A stripped down version, using only marimbas. We don't know yet if Fangorn is evil or kind...
[02:00-02:32] The Mordor Skip Beat accompaniment

[02:32-02:44] Isengard Five Beat Pattern
from AS-TTT: The hobbit duo manages to scramble up a tree, but the Orc catches Merry’s legs, plucking him from the branches and slamming him into the dirt below. Once again, the score fumes, twisting the Five Beat Pattern into a jumbled spasm where its signature three-beats-plus-two is subdivided into one-and-a-half plus one-and-a-half plus two.
[03:28-04:18] The Ents

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