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The Two Towers, disc 1, track 12:

"Wraiths on Wings"

[00:00-00:23] The Pity of Gollum (Sméagol's Theme)
From the Annotated Score: "Violins rise through the three opening pitches of Gollum's Pity. But instead of proceeding back down the line, the strings leerily divert up for two sighing pitches a half-step apart - the first notes of the History of the Ring. Frodo probes Gollum's history, even calling him Sméagol for the first time in the story, but in one short passage, the score tells us everything we need to know. Gollum's sad theme now interweaves with the Ring's History theme. The Pity of Gollum and the History of the Ring have twisted into a single, tortured whole. Gollum's history is the Ring's history."
[00:35-00:44] The Way to Mordor

[01:03-01:22] The Threat of Mordor accompaniment

[01:11-01:25] The Ringwraiths

[01:36-01:46] The Threat of Mordor accompaniment

[01:36-01:47] The Ringwraiths *

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