The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Fellowship of the Ring, disc 1, track 5:

Flaming Red Hair

[00:00-02:39] Flaming Red Hair
Diagetic music performed by Plan 9. From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "Plan 9 [is] a co-op of musicians in New Zealand, wonderful musicians who live in Wellington and write music. And they had worked with Peter on other films that Peter had done. They wrote the party music. When you’re shooting a film, sometimes you need music to shoot to. Like if you’re shooting the party scene in Hobbiton, you needed that music to play on the set so that actors could dance and people can move to the rhythms of it. And this is well before I was involved in the film. But Plan 9 wrote a piece that they shot to and then as we were watching the film it was just such a wonderful piece that we just left it in."

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