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The Two Towers, disc 1, track 16:


[00:00-00:14] The Shire (Playful Setting)
From the Annotated Score: "Shore brings back the whistle for the first time in The Two Towers, presenting an early version of a new Shire theme variation, the playful Setting."
[00:14-00:18] The End Cap accompaniment

[00:14-00:18] The Hobbits' Antics accompaniment
In the liner notes, Adams lists the first iteration of Hobbits' Antics as falling in this track at 0:16. In the Annotated Score, he writes "The one-two bump of the hobbits’ End Cap figure precedes a stiff bit of Ent music as Merry absorbs the forest’s deep sounds, but soon the two friends are caught up squabbling over a musty jug of Ent-draught. Solo clarinet adopts the fully formed Playful Setting, running the three rising pitches of the Shire music over a number of gracefully springy harmonies. The same elegantly comical developments then expand the End Cap figure, embellishing it into the new Hobbits’ Antics accompaniment." So, either he was mistaken about the first iteration in the liner notes (and should have written 1:06) or he was mistaken in calling it the End Cap in the AS. Or he feels comfortable using the terms End Cap and Hobbits' Antics interchangeably here.
[00:48-01:06] The Shire (Playful Setting)

[01:06-01:07] The End Cap accompaniment

[01:06-01:16] The Hobbits' Antics accompaniment
See my note above for 00:14 re: Hobbits' Antics/End Cap.
[01:46-02:19] The Ents

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