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The Two Towers, disc 2, track 1:


[00:00-00:08] The Fellowship of the Ring

[00:08-00:15] The Rohan Fanfare *

[00:59-01:18] The White Rider (In the Fellowship)
from AS-TTT: "As the (four-member Fellowship) nears Meduseld, a rising variant on The White Rider (In the Fellowship) begins—dour, bedecked in the most downtrodden of Rohan’s harmonies, yet directed nonetheless. But the theme is cut short and unresolved. Inside, Éowyn finds that her cousin, Théodred, has died in the night."
[02:17-02:32] The Fellowship in Rohan
Magpie disagrees with this entry: I don't think this is the F-in-Rohan. 1st: Doug Adams makes no mention of this theme in the AS-TTT in regards to this track. He says, "Solo oboe lifts up a delicate, crystalline line as Éowyn pauses, caught in Gríma’s gaze." 2nd: DA lists a latter track as containing the first use of F-in-Rohan. 3rd: This scene involves Grima and Eowyn and has nothing to do with the Fellowship. 4th: the rhythm is different... similar but different.
[02:42-03:08] Éowyn Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim

[03:09-03:50] The Rohan Fanfare

[03:51-04:25] Éowyn Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim

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