The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Two Towers, disc 2, track 4:

The King's Decision

[00:07-00:22] The Rohan Fanfare
From The Annotated Score: "Théoden refuses to challenge Saruman head on, and decides instead to take refuge at Helm's Deep. Háma, Captain of the King's Guard, makes the declaration to the people of Edoras while French horn calls the Rohan theme out, the end of each statement collapsing prematurely, folding downwards in wearied defeat.
[00:42-00:47] The Fellowship of the Ring
From the AS-TTT: "The Fellowship knows Théoden is walking into a trap. Gandalf confides in Aragorn, “I fear for the survival of Rohan,” as low and mid strings wreathe upwards, peaking in the down-and-back shape of the Fellowship theme."
[01:31-01:42] The White Rider (In the Fellowship)

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