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The Two Towers, disc 2, track 5:

Exodus From Edoras

[01:27-01:33] The Ring Quest: Evil Times

[01:27-01:33] The Ringwraiths
From the Annotated Score: "The orchestra’s substratum lurches to reluctant life, contrabassoon, tuba, celli and basses again shuffling out Gríma’s lifeless motif. He informs Saruman that Théoden is now in league with the Fellowship, and describes a man wearing a ring with two entwined serpents. The score pauses, dropping pairs of low C-naturals about the silence - figures that, in shape, recall the Ringwraiths' theme, and remind Saruman of the power his victory would bring."
Magpie: I disagree with this entry. I believe the 'pairs of low C-naturals' are heard from 2:10-2:24. The action on screen does not quite coincide with Doug Adams description. Grima tells Saruman of the visitors at Edoras. Saruman asks more about the Man. "Was he from Gondor?" At that moment, we hear two notes and then two more as Grima says, "No... from the North." A short phrase and then two more pairs of notes as he begins to tell of his ring.
In the AS-TTT, DA puts the notes after the description of the Ring saying, 'the score pauses'. The score does, in fact, pause after the description of the Ring but so does the music on the CR-TTT. The music heard as the Ring is being described goes right into the Rohan scene. (described in the AS-TTT as coming after the entry quoted above). Therefore, I think Doug has placed this music in the wrong spot (slightly) in the movie.
[01:49-02:26] Gríma Wormtongue

[03:05-03:18] The Ring Quest: Evil Times

[04:05-04:39] Éowyn and Théoden

[04:40-05:01] The Rohan Fanfare

[05:14-05:26] The Ring Quest: Evil Times
From the Annotated Score: "High strings perform a third iteration of Evil Times, but here the final descending whole-step is shortened to a half-step, moving the motive's contours closer to the chromatic music of Mordor."

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