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The Two Towers, disc 2, track 14:

Rock and Pool

[00:32-00:42] Gollum's Menace (Gollum's Theme)
From the Annotated Score: "Strings, flutes and clarinets trill into a swirl of tonalities before peeling back to reveal an old acquaintance: the cimbalom, jittering and twitching on a single exposed pitch. "It's just a little bit of the sound of it, but it doesn't play the Gollum's Menace melody," Shore explains."
[00:56-01:23] The Pity of Gollum (Sméagol's Theme)

[01:48-02:10] The Pity of Gollum (Sméagol's Theme)
From the Annotated Score: Threatened with Sméagol's death, Frodo coaxes the creature to him. Violin and cor pull the Pity tune apart as Sméagol agrees to follow his master, only to be constrained by Faramir's Rangers."

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