The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Two Towers, disc 3, track 4:

The Host of the Eldar

[00:00-00:41] Lothlórien

[00:53-01:02] The Fellowship of the Ring
from AS-TTT: Aragorn rushes to Haldir, greeting him with a clear trumpet calling out the Fellowship theme. Neither the Elf archers nor the soldiers of Rohan are true members of the Fellowship, but in their alliance, they follow its spirit implicitly. (This section is in the movie.)
[01:04-01:10] The Fellowship of the Ring *
from AS-TTT: The Elves, in flawless precision, snap themselves to readiness while Shore marks the alliance with one more lively salutation from the Fellowship theme. UNUSED CONCEPT : The Fellowship theme that backs the Elf archers’ precision move to readiness was removed from the film when it was decided that the melody should be saved exclusively for the members of the Fellowship. The last two chords of the composition were also dissolved in order to extend the pre-battle silence by a few seconds.
[02:16-02:26] The Rohan Fanfare

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