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The Two Towers, disc 3, track 8:


Featuring "Haldir's Lament" performed by Elizabeth Fraser

[00:03-00:43] Haldir's Lament
From Howard Shore's dvd commentary: "Elizabeth Fraser sang the new piece that was written for Haldir's Death. It's a repeat of her voice which was used in Gandalf's Lament in Lothlórien. And she sang that very tragic lament. That was actually source music, it was the Elves singing in Lothlórien. You're hearing them in the trees. And the death of Haldir was written for Elizabeth to sing. So it brings back the sound of Lothlórien."
[01:22-01:40] The Ring Quest: Evil Times

[02:02-02:18] The Fellowship of the Ring

[02:22-02:48] The Cruelty of the Orcs

[02:48-03:10] Isengard/Orc Theme

[03:31-03:36] The Heroics of Aragorn

[04:16-04:23] The Rohan Fanfare
From the Annotated Score: "French horn sounds a proclamatory call of the Rohan Fanfare..."
[04:23-04:26] The Fellowship of the Ring
"...which closes with the opening three pitches of the Fellowship theme."
[04:26-04:32] The Rohan Fanfare
"Trumpet echoes the call, likewise beginning with Rohan's Fanfare..."
[04:32-04:35] Lothlórien
"...then concluding with a turn from the Lothlórien theme."

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