The Lord of the Rings Score Analysis Project
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The Return of the King, disc 1, track 11:

Flight from Edoras

[00:31-00:44] The Fellowship of the Ring
From the Annotated Score: "Once again, strings and clarinet apply the Fellowship theme to [Merry and Pippin]; they've taken their next step towards responsibility."
[00:43-01:01] The Shire (Pensive Setting)
From the Annotated Score: "As Merry presents Pippin a packet of Longbottom Leaf for the trip, solo clarinet swerves back towards the stepwise motion of the Shire theme while the strings reiterate the Fellowship material."
[01:12-01:28] The White Rider (In the Fellowship)
From the Annotated Score: "Shadowfax launches out of the stables and, with a propulsive compound-meter setting of Gandalf the White (in the Fellowship), wizard and hobbit are off."
[01:28-01:46] The Fellowship of the Ring
From the Annotated Score: "As [Merry] speaks with Aragorn the Fellowship theme plays again. Merry worries about his friend's ability to take care of himself, but he seems to understand that what must be must be."

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