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The Return of the King, disc 1, track 12:

The Grace of Undómiel

Featuring Renée Fleming

[00:00-01:46] Evenstar
From the Annotated Score: "The beautiful voice of Renée Fleming introduces Shore's new maturation of the Evenstar theme, the melody that once spoke to the gulf between the two lovers now come to represent the distance between disparate futures. Strings absorb the Evenstar melody, weaving beneath it the Rivendell Arpeggios."
[02:18-02:49] Rivendell

[02:49-03:34] Evenstar
Magpie notes: "Time stamps reflect the section with Renee's singing. I don't know if we can say that entire section is Evenstar... it's certainly influenced by it but, again, it's not a strong example of the melody."
[03:34-03:48] Rivendell
From the Annotated Score: "The Rivendell theme begins in earnest, swelling and rolling as in the theme's prime. The shards of Narsil are brought before Elvish metalsmiths. They will be reforged and returned to the World of Men."
[03:48-04:12] Minas Tirith (Silver Trumpets)
From the Annotated Score: "Shore's Minas Tirith theme is rhythmically compressed, as if it too is born anew and yet to stretch its limbs."
[04:12-04:20] The Fellowship of the Ring
From the Annotated Score: "But the Fellowship is still to reach Minas Tirith, though Gandalf and Pippin are charging towards it. An excitedly muscular Fellowship theme presses the duo across Middle-earth until, via Shadowfax's swift footfall, they cross into Gondor."
[04:20-05:40] The Realm of Gondor (in Ascension)
From the Annotated Score: "[Gandalf and Pippin cross] Middle-earth until, via Shadowfax's swift footfall, they cross into Gondor. Horns and strings immediately announce their arrival with a proud summoning of the Realm of Gondor theme. And yet their first view of Minas Tirith is met by an odd inversion of the Gondor theme. All is not well in the White Tower and Gandalf knows it. Over the rails of rhythmic string patterns, brass charges forth with a canonic examination of the Gondor theme, and Gandalf and Pippin ascend the great burgh. As Shadowfax's hooves meet the city's stones the Realm of Gondor theme again crystallizes, clarified into a march-like rigor. But the theme ends differently than it has in the past, rising, after its opening, with down-and-back-up three-note figures. The Fellowship has finally brought Gondor's aid: a worthy interim leader. Gandalf the White's arrival temporarily shifts Gondor in Decline to Gondor in Ascension. The same down-and-back shape that opens the Fellowship theme, and forms the basis of the Heroics of Aragorn and Gandalf the White (in the Fellowship) now closes Gondor's theme. Gondor has suddenly – if momentarily – remembered its place as the seat of justice and decency in Middle-earth."
[05:40-06:01] Minas Tirith (Silver Trumpets)
From the Annotated Score: "At the summit, Gandalf and Pippin find a wilted tree, the same tree from Pippin's palantír vision. As Gandalf explains the significance of the White Tree of Gondor, Shore returns to a mournful, recollective setting of the Minas Tirith theme, now all the sadder compared to the rousing version heard back in Rivendell. [This is a mistake on Adams' part: the 'rousing theme' he describes is the Gondor theme, not the Minas Tirith theme - which is heard in Lothlorien, not in Rivendell. - MZ] Gondor, whatever its potential, is as weak as the steward who currently oversees the throne. Like distant war, drums rumble under a thin string cluster, and Gandalf and Pippin head into the throne room to meet with Denethor, the Steward of Gondor."

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