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The Return of the King, disc 1, track 14:

A Coronal of Silver and Gold

[00:14-00:26] The Shire (Hymn Setting)
The Annotated Score states this as the Pensive Setting, but the melody and chord progression are clearly those of the Hymn Setting.
[00:26-00:38] The Fellowship of the Ring

[01:10-01:22] The Fourth Age of Middle-earth: Gondor Reborn
Here is Shore's first theme dedicated to the upcoming Fourth Age.
[01:27-01:30] The Pity of Gollum (Sméagol's Theme)
From the Annotated Score: "Subtle hints of the Pity Theme's opening triplets lope beside [Gollum], likewise playing the Sméagol role without commitment."
[03:40-03:54] The Evil of the Ring (Sauron/Mordor)
From The Annotated Score: "But when Gandalf tells Pippin of the coming of the Witch-king of Angmar, and the orchestra sinks back into its sonic depths, the six-note Evil/History of the Ring theme sounding in the brass."
[03:40-03:54] The History of the Ring

[03:40-03:54] The History of the Ring

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